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Alloy wheel crack repair

Alloy wheels can crack if they get struck by kerbstones, potholes, curbs or speed bumps. Cracks are hazardous to your wheel and not just for the apparent reason they can allow the air out of your tire. The fact is, they can release the air out of the tire very quickly without any warning and get you stuck in the middle of the road.

Many people always cover and seal small cracks on their wheels with the tire’s bead so that the tire won’t be leaking. Small or big cracks need to be dealt with before they eventually destroy tires and limit the ability to drive around. For this reason, it is advisable to have our technicians so they can repair the wheel and make it look good again.

Here at Mario’s Wheel Repairs, our professional TIG welders can repair your cracked wheel with quality welding service to get your wheel back to its factory look. As with our various alloy wheels repair services, we would only weld your wheel exactly where we know that the refurbished wheel will be risk-free for everyday use. If we have any concerns regarding the possible risk, we will let you know once we’ve initially inspected it.

We offer premium quality service and matchless results in alloy wheel repairs. Our equipment and facilities are housed in a safe and secure environment, and only cutting-edge and most sophisticated equipment has been installed to ensure we provide good quality service on all your wheels anytime, any day.

We have all the tools needed to remove, refit and balance tire up to 24 inches and the practical experience you would hope to restore your cracked wheel.

Mario’s Wheel Repairs can loan you wheels (free of charge) while you drop your wheels and we work on them. Please give us a call to find out the availability of the loan wheels, as the quantity is limited.

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